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From Start To Finish

There are a thousand small details, each screaming for attention when planning the perfect wedding. Every girl has dreamed about her knight in shinning armor carrying her off on a beautiful white horse... galloping off into the sunset on that very special day.

The perfect day, surrounded by family and friends, when two people vow to each other that they will become one. Two people becoming a family who will share the beauty and magnificence of a life together. A life filled with expectations of shared love and understanding when two people put everything else behind them and begin to focus on always being together. ..... more



king costume



Capture the excitement of a Murder Mystery right in your living room. Invite your guests to audition for an upcoming feature film and watch them interact with the Director as they "try out for a part". Plan "the heist" of a fictional business and encourage guests to help with the plans. Decorate for a circus and invite guests to dress up in their best Clown costume. Perhaps the gracious elegance and splendor of the..... more





A wedding shower for the Bride given by the Brides Maid or family friends can be great fun! Games, prizes and surprises make it a special occasion filled with memories of that last special event as a single woman.

It's an opportunity to bond with family and friends and to offer advice, love and guidance to that very special someone you care so much about. Grab a camera and take lots of pictures of the smiles, laughs and friendships that have endured through thick and thin over so many years.


A Baby Shower for an expectant Mother is an outstanding way to celebrate a new life and personality that will change their family forever.

It will allow everyone to tell those great stories about their own experiences and offer encouragement to the new mom. Be sure to share pictures of your own children when they were babies, starting that long journey into adulthood.

The calendar makes the years seem like a lifetime, but your memories bring back smiles of joy as you remember the baby shower your friends gave you and your new bundle of happiness......... more

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