Who are your customers? How will they know you are opening a new business? What is the best and most affordable way to reach them? What should your budget be? If they come... will they return? What do you need to consider?

Your investment in starting a new business deserves every possible opportunity for success. So many questions... where should you go for answers?

The staff and management at Elegant Affairs Event Planners, Inc.have been helping businesses make those tough decisions for many years. Our experience and professional approach to making your business a success can provide you with a marketing program that will make a difference. We not only will help you with planning, but our staff and support team can provide complete services for any event, promotion or on going campaign.

We are ready to help you meet a specific need within your budget for a single, special event. We can also provide ongoing consultant services and serve your business as experienced media and marketing consultants. Our in-house advertising and marketing staff of skilled professionals have served clients in the Real Estate, Financial, Tourism and Service Industries on a local, statewide, national and international basis for over 25 years.

Our flexibility is designed to fit the needs of your business.


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