The invitations to your next party are ready to be mailed. It's NO ordinary event. Somebody is going to die! Your Guests are all "players" and if the Mystery is going to get solved, it's up to them to do it.

Just as the party is getting started, the body is discovered. You explain important details to your guests. As the evening progresses, more details are revealed. Your guests will have several opportunities to reflect on the clues and guess at possible solutions.... until the mystery is solved.

Our professional event planner will help you make this an exciting event that your friends will talk about for years. Our skilled actors will portray key figures, providing clues and hints toward the solution through out the party. It's exciting and it's presented at your location and YOU get the credit for another sensational party.

video camera


Plan something really different for your next party. Our professional planner will meet with you to review your guest list and, based on their individual personality, our writers will create a sample script just for them. The overall "theme" of the movie being cast will be explained in the invitation, along with a description of the character they will be invited to portray.

The entertainment will start with a very short "encouragement speech" given by our Guest Director to the "cast" trying out for the different parts. Each of your guests will assume the personality of the character part they are supposed to be trying out for. Our video camera will record each portrayal along with capturing any encouraging comments your other guests might offer during the performance.

Based on the "movie theme" and the party atmosphere, the entire casting party can be absolutely hilarious. When the party is over, you will receive a DVD copy of everybody's performance edited into a finished performance.. One for each guest, that can be mailed out as a "Thank You" for coming and contributing to the fun everyone shared.


Our Professional Event Planners are ready to help you create a unique and special party theme for your next event. Talk to us about your interests and we can help you create an event that everyone will be excited about. We work with extremely creative and talented people who will amaze you with their talent and ability. Costume parties with a theme of the Olde South or the Civil War, a special party based on your favorite movie like Casablanca or South Pacific. All the details - menu planning with food based on the theme, character actors adding to the realism of your event, a few special props strategically placed at the event...

Call us about your next planned event... we will make a difference!

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