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Golf Marketing to Buyers

Invite your important clients to enjoy 18 holes of golf as the host sponsor of your own golf tournament. Each foursome can included either a host corporate officer, a salesperson or marketing staff and three invited guests. At the Tee of each hole we can place a printed placard that introduces a new product or concept along with a quick summary of key points.

Prizes and rewards covering various categories will be announced and presented at a luncheon immediately following the golf tournament. Only "guest clients" could win. Product information packagescan be provided to each guest and reinforce the information displayed at each hole.... although in more detail or perhaps a sample.

This can be a very successful promotion for the sponsor corporation's products and strongly contributes to increasing good will. Client-Guest Buyers are introduced to new products coming on line and will enjoy the comradely of meeting Senior Staff members of the Host corporation. This type of staged event, managed by our team or professional event planners, can be adapted to your companies needs and goals.


Fishing Tournament

Southwest Florida is well known for white sand beaches, a relaxed tropical atmosphere and excellent boating. Your corporation can benefit from offering your clients and potential clients an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of this great area.

A staged Fishing Tournament can place your best Marketing and Salesperson "in the boat" with your top client(s)! Makes sure the cell phones are turned off and you'll have their undivided attention to not only talk about catching the biggest fish, but to introduce a new product line and explain the benefits of working with your company. A great day on the water can also be a great day for your bottom line!

Allow our Professional Event Planners to handle all of the details.... including a great "fish fry" celebration!


Tennis Tournament Tennis Racquet

and more... Talk with us about a special program just for you!

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