Experienced and Professional Staff

The months and weeks before the nuptials can be some of the most stress ridden, anxiety filled time in the history of the couple and their families. The Bride often has a clear picture of how the day will evolve. A quiet, relaxed breakfast, a trip to the beauty parlor, visiting with old friends who flew into town for the wedding, a chance to visit and catch up with grand parents and those aunt's and uncle's you only see on rare occasions.

Then the florist calls to mention that the flowers you ordered were shipped to Fort Wayne instead of Fort Myers. The Manager at the country club calls because there was a fire in the kitchen so they will be closed for two weeks. Your mother calls from the church, complaining that the Grooms mother wants to change the procession order so her step-son can be second.... oh and the wedding cake is not decorated right. Your dad mentions that nobody has been able to find the groom since the bachelor party last night.

Your perfect day gets filled with problems and disappointments and your frustration level peaks two hours before you climb into the limousine. The day you always wanted to remember quickly turns into a day you'll never be able to forget.

Working with a professional and experienced wedding planner may not prevent a problem from happening, but it does make a huge difference in how your day goes and what memories you will cherish forever. Our event planners know that anything can happen and they are trained problem solvers. They have experience working with many vendors and suppliers and know which ones are reliable. They also understand budgets and how to stretch the value of every dollar. Our wedding planners serve as your personal consultant, making sure that your dream blossoms in to a near perfect wedding.



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